From your flora to your irrigation system and walkways, winter can leave a mean streak behind when it hits. You have to ensure that your plants, shrubs, and other garden elements are in the perfect healthy condition. There are so many elements to consider, but you have to start somewhere. So, how do you take care of landscaping in the winter? Here are a few tips from our landscaping company team members to help you get started!

1. Prevent water loss

The first thing you have to do to ensure that your landscaping is taken care of during winter is to protect the plants and trees from water loss. With anti-transpirants, you can reduce water loss when your plants ‘sweat.’ You can also use Burlap wrapping techniques to protect your landscape from salt sprays and the harsh winter winds.

2. Install/manage an auto-irrigation system

There are some irrigation valve designs that have an automatic system with a control timer. With this auto system, you don’t have to brace the harsh winter cold to irrigate your landscaping. Instead, you can set the auto system to any applicable mode and ensure that your landscaping gets the irrigation it needs.

3. Routinely clear out snow

When you have carefully kept landscaping, you don’t want the snow to melt on your plants/trees sinking the soil beneath them any further than necessary.  Snow can also make low hanging branches snap off so you can tie them together when there are reports of heavy snowfall. Clear out snow with any gardening equipment that won’t damage your plants and remove the snow from branches by brushing it off instead of shaking the branches.

4. Avoid excess salt

Ice melt products that are common during winter are bad news for your landscaping. Those products, like rock salt and other snow-melting agents, can pull water away from the roots of your plants and trees. And that can create tons of damage to the soil. To avoid this, flush out the soil with water to get rid of salt and sodium chloride components.

5. Make sure your lawn is off-limits

During summer, when your lawn is blooming in freshness, it becomes a conscious thought to keep people off the lawn. However, during winter, when your lawn is not looking as delightful, you have to remember not to let people use your lawn as a shortcut. If people trample on your lawn during winter, you will struggle to recover the landscape quality when spring comes.

Landscaping is a great feature for curb appeal and property value but the maintenance can be time-consuming. To avoid the stress of taking care of landscaping in the winter and still get the results you want, hire a professional landscaping company like Family First Landscaping.

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