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When Will My Spring/Fall Clean up Be Completed?2021-09-10T20:38:46+00:00

Seasonal clean up is usually completed over three visits, with varying duties completed on each visit. Spring clean up sessions run from mid-April to early May and fall cleanup begins in late September and runs into October.

What Can I Do To Prepare For An On-Site Meeting With A Landscape Designer?2021-09-10T20:40:46+00:00

When meeting with our designer be prepared to share what your vision and dreams are for your yard, how you see your yard being used, if there are any specific features you would like incorporated, an idea of your budget and your completion date expectations.

Do You Collect Grass Clippings After Each Visit?2021-09-10T20:39:29+00:00

Yes, we will collect and bag all grass clippings after each visit.

How Can A Well-Landscaped Home Help Sell My Property?2021-09-10T20:39:48+00:00

A well-landscaped property is appealing to potential home buyers as it shows pride of ownership and provides a great first impression. It allows for potential buyers to see themselves and their family enjoying the space without worrying about having to take on a project if they purchase your house. Not only does a well-landscaped home help attract potential buyers, it also adds value to your home, allowing you to fetch top dollar.

What Services Does Family First Landscaping Offer?2021-09-10T20:37:59+00:00

Family First is here to support your landscape needs all year round. We specialize in landscape design and installation, lawn and yard maintenance, seasonal cleanup and snow removal.

What Geographical Area Do You Serve?2021-09-10T20:38:24+00:00

We service Oakville and the surrounding areas, including Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington and Milton.

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Design My Landscape?2021-09-10T20:40:19+00:00

When hiring Family First to professionally design your landscape you get a team that works with you to plan out your landscape project within your budget. Our designers bring years of experience and knowledge to help select the best plants, shrubs, trees and hardscape materials for your needs. Our designers are knowledgeable in all local bylaws and building codes to ensure your landscape meets all of the local requirements.

Can I Select Which Weekday You Service My Property?2021-09-10T20:39:06+00:00

We will try our best to accommodate your requests, but it’s not always possible. Availability and scheduling daily routes need to be considered when scheduling appointments. At times we will need to reschedule service due to poor weather conditions.

What Makes You Different From Other Landscape Contractors?2021-09-10T20:37:20+00:00

As a full-service landscape company, all of Family First’s team members are experienced and professionally trained in their specific jobs. We provide landscape design and installation services, lawn and yard maintenance, seasonal cleanup and snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties. All of our clients are treated like family at Family First Landscaping and Snow Removal.

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