If you have ever walked past a home with landscape lighting, then you have had first-hand experience of the beauty and appeal they add to a home. Landscape lighting has been utilized to beautify landscapes for a very long time. They started as a means to beautify residential outdoor areas, and now home contractors and landscaping companies have become creative with them and are using them as another sophisticated layer of security for homes. If you have ample outdoor space and you are considering installing landscape lighting, here are some of the extra security measures that landscape lighting can add to your home.

1. It Keeps your Home Safe from Intruders

When your landscape is well lit, it keeps burglars and intruders away. With lights around every corner of you house, you can easily detect if there are any uninvited guests walking around your property. Additionally, you can opt to have motion sensor lights installed so they can detect when moving objects pass by and automatically turn on. Consult a local landscaping company for more information about having landscape lighting installed at your home to ensure your yard is well lit up.

2. They Prevent Accidents

Installing landscape lighting will provide adequate illumination around your property, especially during the night. It will also prevent visitors that may be unfamiliar with the property’s layout from tripping over stones or missing steps and getting injured. Poorly designed or installed landscape lighting can actually cause shadows that hide potentially dangerous steps, elevations, plants and other landscaping features,for this reason ensure you hire a professional landscaping company to have your lights installed correctly.

3. They Can Keep Wild Animals Away

Landscape lighting will help keep pests and wild animals away from your property. When your yard is well lit or the motion sensor lights come on after detecting movement around the property, animals moving around are likely to get scared and run away. If you own a garden and you are constantly worried about animals and rodents wandering and destroying your plants, outdoor lighting may be a safe solution to your problem.

4. They Keep Your Mind at Ease

Most types of landscape lighting are automated, so you can set a time for them to turn on and off. Even if you are away from your home, they will still activate at their scheduled time, as expected, thereby giving potential trespassers and intruders a reason to think that you are still in the home and keeping your property well lit.

5. Increased Home Value

Landscape lighting is not just a good investment for your safety but it will also increase your curb appeal, which in turn will increase the value of your home and attract more attention and potential buyers to your property. This leads to financial safety, as you know you will get a return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

If you are considering installing landscape lighting around your property, reach out to your local professional landscaping company to inspect your property and provide you with a customized layout for your lighting and a written quote.

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