There are so many options when it comes to landscaping your yard, there are different themes, softscapes, hardscapes, types of plants, and approaches you can take. It is easy to get overwhelmed or even confused when updating your yard’s landscaping. Ultimately, the goal for your backyard is to look more beautiful and be more accessible with the proper landscaping.

With the right guide, landscaping can make your backyard feel spacious, beautiful, and more functional for your family to enjoy. This is why we asked our landscape professional to share their top tips to help you achieve the best landscape results for your project. Below is an outline of their top tips:

1. Create a Plan

The most important step to properly landscaping your backyard is to create a feasible plan. You must identify the primary purpose you want to use your backyard for and how you will bring this to be. This will allow you to choose the right theme and build up ensuring correct landscaping that meets your primary needs. Define each space in the backyard and know its specific purposes. For instance, seperate your lounging or dining areas with a stone patio and separate the play area using plants or shrubs.

2. Choose the Right Plants

Landscaping your backyard successfully requires selecting the right types of plants. You should choose plants, shrubs, and flowers you are sure will grow and beautify your backyard. Consider native plants that can withstand the weather in your area. The priority should be making the backyard lawn luscious and trees or plants green and colourful. Choosing plants that cannot withstand the weather in your area will cause the backyard to look dark and dingy as soon as the weather begins to get harsher.

3. Be Creative

You need to be creative with landscaping your backyard. Consider terraced landscaping to designate certain areas of the backyard. It also makes the space look bigger. You should separate areas to plant lawns, plants, and flowers from terraced spaces to make your backyard more functional. Ensure adequate outdoor seating areas in your backyard, you can use concrete, pavers, or stones as a foundation and place benches or chairs around your yard for an outdoor escape.

4. Add Multifunctional Features

Another helpful tip is to use features that are not too bulky but have multiple functions. You can consider a bench that can also serve as storage for garden tools or use pieces of furniture you can store as folding chairs and collapsible tables. Consider adding outdoor lighting for accenting the focal points of your yard that will also light up your yard at night.

5. Beautify Your Fence

An area often overlooked when landscaping backyards is the fence boards themselves. Adding colour and character to your fence will help balance out your yard while enhancing the aesthetics. Try painting it with colourful designs or add decorative items or accent pieces. A popular trend is to paint your fence white and contrast it with bright coloured planters against the fence that will provide a POP.

Updating your backyards landscaping should be a fun project that helps increase the usability and aesthetics of your yard. Make sure to plan out the finished product before you begin working. If you need help with your design or need a team to complete the actual work, don’t hesitate to call our team at Family First Landscaping, it would be our pleasure to help turn your backyard into the outdoor space of your dreams.

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